Germany Reborn – Hermann Göring

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This book, written by the man who would ultimately become Adolf Hitler’s deputy, was one of the first attempts to explain the National Socialist revolution to non-Germans. Goering, who was simultaneously Minister of the Interior for Prussia, president of the Reichstag, and Reich Commissioner of Aviation, was a famous figure in the Anglo-Saxon world because of his leadership of the “Flying Circus” World War I fighter squadron. He starts out by briefly but skillfully sketching out the background to the coming of power of the NSDAP, from the time of the end of the First World War, through the tumultuous Communist uprisings to the breathtaking political struggle of Hitler in ultimately gaining power against all the odds.

Författare: Hermann Göring Förlag: Ostara Publications Utgiven: 2014 Antal sidor: 75 Format: Häftad ISBN10: ISBN13: Språk: Engelska