The Jewish War – Flavius Josephus

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Translated by William Whiston. The blood-drenched, firsthand account of the 66–70 AD war between Rome and the Jews, as told by a Jewish rebel fighter turncoat who ended up working for the Romans.

Starting with an account of the occupation of Judea by the Macedonian Seleucids and the Jewish rebellion against those rulers, the author reveals how incessant internal chaos, infighting and instability finally led to the Jews asking for incorporation into the Roman Empire.

Mark Antony and Julius Caesar then appointed their favourite Jew, Herod, as king of Judea, but this brought only a temporary peace. Widespread Jewish sedition caused further outbreaks of violence, and the Roman governor of the province of Syria, Varus, was ordered to march into Jerusalem to crush a rebellion which broke out after Herod’s death in 4 AD. This marked the first major Roman incursion into Judea, and from then on, Josephus relates, the spiral of violence increased year upon year until open war between Rome and the Jews broke out in 66 AD.

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